Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Professional Issues Class Post 10: So now what?

Yup.  That's the topic for this last blog post.  So now what.  Those are 3 loaded words.  I have spent a long time preparing for this new career of mine.  Class, research papers, internships, externships, accumulating a set of textbooks that have a net worth more than my house....

For starters,  I already have a job lined up.  I guess I am better off than a lot of folks about to graduate with their masters degree.   I had a choice of a couple school districts in the area and I hope I made the right choice.  It was a combination of location, schedule, demographics and size that sold me.   However, I don't know where I will be placed.  I have been told its either going to be elementary or middle school.  

So now what?  

Just because I picked a public school for my first job, doesn't mean that is where I will stay.   This field is ripe with choices.  Honestly, I cant decide.    I'm currently working in a Skilled Nursing Facility and while I hated it at first, those elderly folks are growing on me.  I mean, they aren't all Betty White, but I've grown quite attached to my current and former clients. 

I really want to try working in a hospital so I can do Modified Barium Swallow Studies.   I would get feed people stuff filled with barium and watch the food and drink go down on an Xray machine.  How cool is that?  

The private clinic setting is more relaxed than a school with way less paperwork.  Home health.   Early Intervention.  Voice work.   Hippotherapy.   Llama Camp.  There are way too many choices  And I want to do them all!  

So now what?

Oh and did I mention that I also want to work overseas?  At the top of my bucket list is living in another country for at least a year.  I want to immerse myself in another culture in a way that vacationing doesn't allow.  I want my kids to expand their horizons.  Speech Language Pathology opens that door to me, as SLPs are in demand most everywhere.  From International Schools to DoD schools on overseas military bases to reciprocal agreements between ASHA and their counterparts in other English speaking countries, the opportunities are out there.  I do intend to jump on one of them at some point.

So now what?

Oh and don't think I am done with school!  I have big plans.   First, my BCBA certification so I can learn how better to unlock the magic that is inside the autistic brain.   I have even researched a PhD program in Neuroscience at Georgia State University.      There is so much I don't understand about the brain and my son is my inspiration.  This degree has only whet my appetite for additional learning.    But first, I have a few student loans to pay off.

So now what?

I guess, for now I will just keep on trucking with my last class and my last externship.  I will finish up with this semester on July 25th and start my job on July 29th.  I will complete my Clinical Fellowship Year in 2014.  I will get my ASHA CCC's and become a bonafied Speech Language Pathologist.  I will make an effort to balance my new career with my family.  I will laminate a lot of stuff. I will take a break from reading peer reviewed journal articles for at least 6 months. I will take my kids to Walt Disney World for putting up with a stressed out mom for the last 4 years.  I will start contributing to my retirement again.  

Oh yeah, and I will have fun.  

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